Scala.js contribution disclaimer

Scala.js contribution disclaimer

Run the normal test suite using the entire Scala.js toolchain using

In order to test the tests themselves, run the cross-compiling tests on the JVM with:

If you have changed the IR or the compiler, you typically need to

If you have changed the IR, the linker, the JS environments, the test adapter or the sbt plugin, you typically need to

There are also a few additional tests in a separate testing project:

The compiler tests (mostly verifying expected compile error messages) can be run with

The full partest suite (tests of the Scala language, ported in Scala.js) are run with:

The JUnit tests from scala/scala can be run with

If you want to develop in Eclipse, use sbteclipse. Other JS environments are developed in separate repositories under the organization. If you change any of the IR, virtual IO, logging API, linker, JS environments, test adapter, or the sbt plugin itself, chances are you need to the build for your changes to take effect.