AIs Named by AIs

AIs Named by AIs

One thing I’ve noticed GPT-2 doing is coming up with names that sound strangely like the names of self-aware AI spaceships in Iain M. Banks’s Culture novels. The humans in the books may not appreciate the names, but there’s nothing they can do about them:

Hand Me The Gun And Ask Me Again

Zero Credibility

Fixed Grin

Charming But Irrational

So Much For Subtlety

Experiencing A Significant Gravitas Shortfall

Now compare some of the effects pedals GPT-2 came up with:

Dangerous But Not Unbearably So

Disastrously Varied Mental Model

Dazzling So Beautiful Yet So Terrifying

Am I really that Transhuman

Love and Sex Are A Mercy Clause

And some of the cat names:

Did GPT-2 somehow have a built-in tendency to produce names that sounded like self-aware spaceships? A reader named Kelly sent me a list of 236 of Iain M. Banks’s Culture ship names from Wikipedia, and I trained the 345 million-parameter version of GPT-2 on them.